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AfterPay offers our customers a payment option with a payment system like lay-buy but you receive your product now. 


All physical products are eligible for Afterpay. Unfortunately, digital products cannot be processed with AfterPay if this is all you have in the cart. A combination of digital and physical product is fine. This is because for security purposes, Afterpay requires a shipping address. 


To keep things simple, where you desire digital patterns ONLY, you simply need to use this product listing. 

When is this product applicable to me? If you are wishing to only purchase digital download patterns, then you will need to use this product. If, however, you also want to buy physical products like needle minders, then you won't need this product. You can add all the digital download products to your cart as you want as long as there is also a physical product in there. 



How can I use this product to get a digital download order only? 

Follow these simple steps and you can access your downloadable patterns. 


  1. Add the qty that corresponds to the number of patterns you are hoping to download. (eg I want two patterns, so I will add qty 2 to my cart)
  2. Go to the check-out
  3. Select Afterpay as your payment choice
  4. Once payment is made, wait for an e-mail with the coupon code
  5. Add all your digital products to the cart
  6. Add your coupon code to the cart, under 'coupon code' option
  7. Check out, you will then receive an e-mail that will prompt you to download your patterns. 


How long does it take the coupon code to be sent? coupons will be sent within 48hrs excluding public holidays. 

Can I opt to have my patterns e-mailed to me instead? During the initial stages of offering an Afterpay service, e-mail delivery is not offered. 

Am I receiving a physical product? No, you will receive via e-mail the coupon code to use on your digital downloads.